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Italy Education

Italy offers quality higher education with more affordable tuition fees when compared with Western European countries. Italy is a popular destination for international students.

Some of the first universities in Europe were founded in Italy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, is recognised as the oldest university to still operate. Today, Italy is the home of many prestigious institutions of higher education. Many of Italy’s institutions perform well in the QS World University Rankings, appearing in the top 200 each year.

Italy has played an important role in recent reform of higher education. This reform is known as the “Bologna Process”. The country is one of the four countries that created the European Area of Higher Education. This was formed by signing the Sorbonne Declaration in 1998, which was to be the first step in the higher education reform. Today the Bologna Process is now being implemented throughout Europe.

Italy has around 97 universities, which are divided into several categories:

  • State universities: These are state funded public institutions and make up the majority in Italy.
  • Other publicly funded universities: Funded by Province rather than state.
  • Private universities: Non state funded.
  • Superior Graduate Schools (Scuola Superiore Universitaria): These are independent institutions that offer advanced training and research courses specialising in postgraduate studies.


  • Instituto Superiore di Design(ISD)
  • University of Tovergata
  • University of Casino
  • University Of Rome
  • Bologna Business School (BBS)
  • University of Pisa

  • Italy is a well – rounded study abroad destination that will appeal to many students with different backgrounds and interests.
  • Italy study abroad experience provides a valuable opportunity to learn Italian.
  • A variety of programs are available that are designed to immerse students in the Italian language and culture.
  • Students that have already had some Italian experience will find many opportunities to practice their skills and work on their fluency.
  • Take advantage of being immersed in the lively Italian culture by learning Italian during your time abroad.
  • Italy is the perfect place to start learning, or to practice your skills if you have had previous experienced.
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